Black Aura's G2 Linear Compensator 5/8" X 24

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As the .308/7.62 round is incredibly powerful, it can result in excessive loudness as perceived by the shooter. Our AR-10 compensator is an ideal choice for managing muzzle concussion on your AR-10 rifle. The linear compensator is different from other AR-10 .308/7.62 muzzle brakes and compensators in that it is designed to redirect muzzle gases forward and away from you. This redirection can have a significant impact on the perceived decibel levels of your AR-10, benefitting not only the shooter but also bystanders. Disbursement of concussive forces also improves the feel of the rifle, softening it overall. Crafted from durable steel, this AR-10 muzzle brake is coated with manganese phosphate for better temperature resistance, better friction resistance and unparalleled corrosion and wear resistance. Based in the US, Black Aura Tactical is proud to provide you with parts and upgrades for your AR for the ultimate experience. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding the AR compensators or anything else AR related; we are happy to help!


Easily installed with integrated Hex Head end that fits a 15/16" socket or wrench!

  • Material: Steel 
  • TPI: 5/8" X 24
  • Finish: Black Manganese Phosphate Coating