Black Aura's G2 Linear Compensator 1/2" X 28

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The AR-15’s bite can come with a lot of bark. Shooting without a linear muzzle brake can subject the shooter and bystanders to excessive noise and concussion. Easily remedy this problem with an AR-15 .223/5.56 linear compensator. Selecting the appropriate .223/5.56 muzzle brake depends on the performance modification you are trying to achieve. This particular .223/5.56 linear compensator is different from other AR-15 muzzle brakes in that it directs muzzle gases forward and downrange from the shooter. Disbursement of concussive forces can also have an effect on the feel of a rifle, softening it overall. Not all .223/5.56 linear compensators are equal. Ours are precision crafted with durable steel and coated with manganese phosphate for superior heat and corrosion resistance. Black Aura Tactical is a US-based supplier, so you can purchase with confidence. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about this product or anything else AR related. We are happy to help!

  • Easily installed with integrated Hex Head end that fits a 15/16" socket or wrench!

    • Material: Steel 
    • TPI: 1/2" X 28
    • Finish: Black Manganese Phosphate Coating